Action fields


The interest in the professional development of people,lead us to create a job bank that has been used by more than 15.000 people up to now. In 2013,we were recognised by the community of Madrid as one of the foundations that had achieved more employment, better quality and more lasting posts, within one of the work-integration projects of the Community of Madrid in 2013: Hacer Posible el Futuro.The action of the foundation in this field is aimed to men and women, with more impacton women, because it is a more disadvantaged group regarding employment. At Fundación Senara ,priority is given to people at risk of social exclusion and disabled people.Our team of employment technicians interacts between social, public and private entities and companies to obtain the best results.


With the aim of promoting the work-insertion, FundaciónSenaradesigns programs of occupational training and other courses. Up to today, the foundation has given more than 15.000 training hours.Our workshopsare provided based on the requests received by the collaborating entities, the most demanded courses are:

  • Geriatrics
  • Telephonic attention
  • Client service
  • Hotel/catering services and food handling
  • IT
  • Resources for employment

Entrepreneurship, self-employment and intermediation

We promote training focused on people with entrepreneurial spirit as well as the strengthening of their capacities as professionals. We also act in the intermediation within the process of work-integration through our work team and in the creation of integration offices together with public and private organizations. 


Fundación Senara takes care of childhood and youth with programs of school support where we help children that come from groups at risk of social exclusion. With these programs, we are not helping only in their school tasks but also helping these children to develop their social abilities and human values while we also train their emotional nature.Volunteers from different institutions, universities and youth associations are cooperating with this project.


Youth is another fundamental aspect in Fundación Senara,with more than 50 Spanish and European Youth Associations belonging to our “RED JOVEN” (YOUNG NETWORK), we contribute to the exchange of experiences and cohabitation between young peoplefrom different countries, cities and situations. With projects addressed to young people we support, design and favour programs that enrich their personality and development. In 2008,we started to work with EU programs and we started to be part of European Voluntary Service encouraging the Exchange with volunteers from different countries of the EU.

The volunteering of the Foundationis structured around the fields where we develop the programs, we address to families receiving the minimum income and with children at risk of social exclusion. In addition, many volunteers help technically providing their knowledge and experience in specific activities of every project, either as trainers in workshops, employment technicians or program developers.

Involvement with social reality leads to a high level of commitment that benefits the users of the projects.

We want to raise awareness of the peripheral realities of the surroundings in order to create a more caring and participative society. Currently, we can offer you to contribute as a volunteer in assistance areas of childhood and woman, or with your time in the following areas:

  • Supporting research works
  • Translations
  • Revision of documents
  • Administrative tasks


All the projects of the foundation are aimed to strengthen and favour family, either in a direct or indirect way. Up to today, we have helped more than 15.000 families taking into account the number of beneficiaries of childhood programs, the family members who are beneficiaries of the work-integration as well as the beneficiaries of the help for families in Senara school. We have also a programme aimed to provide a decent housing to those families who have scarce resources.


Since the beginning, women have had a main role in this foundation in both work and programmes. Women have also been considered as one of the central concepts regardingthe existence of the Foundation. We focus on their training, education and integration because we believe that this line of action improves the society by contributing to a peaceful cohabitation, based in values such as the respect and confidence. In addition, immigrant women have asked for a special attention in the foundation,we have assisted roughly 3.000 womenof different countries.We also give specific workshops regarding domestic violence prevention, raise and strengthening of self-stemandintegration and participation of women in the social tissue.