Learn through play

This Project is focused in the school support and prevention of social misfit behaviours, aimed to minors at risk of social exclusion, mostly immigrants, which need to strengthen their knowledge and social abilities. We have a program designed through workshops and games that gives very good results in terms of integration. The users are children between 7 and 16 years old. The project follows the academic calendar and takes place from Monday to Friday from 4.30 to 7.30 in the premises of Senara Foundation in Moratalaz (Madrid).Due to the increasing demand from schools in different areas of Madrid, we are extending this project to 20 spots in the city, we the idea of turning this local project into a national project.

In this program, many youngsters of our Red Joven cooperate as volunteers. They also help as company volunteers the employees of different companies. IBMhas been part of this Project for more than 6 years.

The projectis financed by the Prevention Department of Madrid Health Office andby Madrid City Council, the General Management of Childhood and Family belonging to Family and Social Issues Office of Madrid. Also by BNP Paribas and HSBC are contributing. 


Fundación Senara started Development Cooperation in South Africa with the support of our local partner there, KOMATI FOUNDATION WOMEN-DEVELOPMENT. We share objectives such as the development of women and the support to education and childhood, as well as contributing to the training of volunteers. Komati is based in Johannesburg.


St. Annes and Motsweding Primary School. This is about supporting education by improving the infrastructures of both schools. They have more than 1.300 students and they have precarious material conditions that make it difficult to have a normal progress in lessons. We also work for improving the living conditions of these children, most of them orphans and suffering AIDS.

Health and Education

South Africa is the country most affected by AIDS (5.5 million of affected people). The most affected population sector are women. In 2005there were 2.5 millions of orphans. The unemployment and insecurity indicators are high and the percentage of children that finish the primary education is 6%.

  1. Eikinof School: School located in Gauteng province, in the outskirts of Johannesburg. More than 600 children go there. 60%have AIDS, 50% are orphans and 100% live in extreme poverty conditions. All of them live in the informal settlements in the outskirts of Johannesburg. The school needs infrastructure: classrooms, desks, chairs, computers, books, services, uniforms for students, school material, etc. Includes a Volunteering program to raise awareness in South African society.
  2. Westwold Hospital Training Program (WHTP):School of Hotel and Restaurant Management for Young South African women between 18 and 20 years old. Thanks to the trainingreceived during two years and the traineeships, they can find a job and overcome poverty.