Work-integration and Training

Project Hacer Posible el Futuro HPF (Make the future possible)

Este proyecto gira en torno a la inserción socio-laboral de la mujer, especialmente de aquellas que se encuentran en riesgo de exclusión social o tienen especiales dificultades para encontrar un trabajo, ya sea por una escasa formación, por la edad, situación familiar, etc, les ayudamos a conseguir un empleo estable o a reengancharse al mercado laboral. This Project works in the social integration of women, especially of those who are at risk of social exclusion or have special difficulties to find a jobdue to the scarce training, age, family situation, etc.We help them to find a stable job or to re-integrate to the labour market.

The Project includes:

Personalized tutorials that are used as professional guidance and counselling. • Training courses. • Workshops of social abilities, IT, languages, communication, self-esteem, among others.

During the last five years, this project has been co-funded by:

  • Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality
  • General management of equality of opportunities in the government department of family and social issues of the Local Government of Madrid
  • Office of Family and Social Issues of the Community of Madrid,
  • European Social Fund
  • Obra Social Caja Madrid
  • Obra Social Bancaja
  • Obra Social La Caixa


Project FORMIN

Addressed to immigrant women, we organized an office of social and work integration.With this Projectwe help people that leave their countries of origin and their families looking for an opportunity, helping them to adapt and integrate as good as possible in our country. The key of Formin Project is the individual and personalized management. According to the detected needs and the available budget, we develop training workshops and courses. The help of volunteers is very important in this field and thanks to them we have developed Spanish workshops to make the integration of beneficiaries easier and make it easier for them to find a job.

The program includes the following activities:

  • Spanish workshops.
  • Work guidance workshops.
  • Workshops of social abilities such as:motivation, strengthening self-esteem, cmmunication…
  • Workshops of image and protocol.
  • Seminars about Spanish culture.
  • Basic IT courses.
  • Training courses.

This Project has been co-funded by:

  • Immigration Office of Madrid
  • Obra Social La Caixa.
  • Regional office for immigration, belonging to the office of Employment, Women and Immigration of Madrid.
  • Employment and Social Security Ministryand European Social Fund.

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Since October 2007and up to October 2012,FundaciónSenaradeveloped Experimental Programs of Employment, financed by the regional service of employment, women and immigration of Madrid. This project was about giving training, guidance and counselling with the aim of achieving the work integration. We try to improve the employability and professional capacities. These programsare aimed to women with need of support to access the labour market. The foundation developed this program together with the Office of Education and Employment. Given the current situation of unemployment and economic crisis, this action becomes specially needed. With a more competitive labour market and with less job offers;the training, guidance and counselling are becoming stronger as well as entrepreneurship, in fact, some of the participants of the program had their own initiatives such s pubs, beauty salons or shops.