The volunteering of the Foundation is structured around the fields where we develop the programs, we address to families receiving the minimum income and with children at risk of social exclusion. In addition, lots of volunteers help technically providing their knowledge and experience in specific activities of every project, either as trainers in workshops, employment technicians or program developers.

Involvement with social reality leads to a high level of commitment that benefits the users of the projects.

We want to raise awareness of the peripheral realities of the surroundings in order to create a more caring and participative society. Currently, we can offer you to contribute as a volunteer in assistance areas of childhood and woman, or with your time in the following areas:

  • Supporting research works
  • Translations
  • Revision of documents
  • Administrative tasks

Project CET (Project of Study and Work Centres)

At the beginning of 2009,FundaciónSenaratook part in a new training and integration project for young people and students who wanted to pay their studies by working while receiving an academic, cultural and social training. The CET (Centros de estudio y trabajo, in English Study and Work Centres), allow to course their studies in Madrid while paying their stay thanks to the job in the cafeteria service in a Student Residence.

This type of work does not require previous experience. In the CETwe offer the necessary training to develop quality works: knowledge of dietetics and nutrition, textiles, housekeeping, etc.The timetable takes into account the academic needs so the studies are always compatible with flexible working hours. Young people participating in this program are also part of the volunteering in the foundation by supporting and helping with the attention to families, disabled people and the children of the program “AprenderJugando” (Learn through play). During the summer, we do exchanges with students from other Residences in England, France, Germany, Italy andHolland.