Red Joven (Young Network)


Youth is one of the core idea for the action in Fundación Senara, with more than 50 Spanish and European Youth Associations belonging to our “RED JOVEN”we favour the exchange of experiences and cohabitation between Young people from different cities and situations. With the projects addressed to young people we support, designs and contribute to programmes that enrich their personality and development.

In2008we started to work in EU programs and we started to be part of the European Voluntary Servicethat encourages the exchange with volunteers of different countries of the UE.


The volunteering of the Foundationis structured around the fields where we develop the programs, we address to families receiving the minimum incomeand with children at risk of social exclusion. In addition, lots of volunteers help technically by providing their knowledge and experience in specific activities of every project, either as trainers in workshops, employment technicians or program developers.

Involvement with social reality leads to a high level of commitment that benefits the users of the projects

We want to raise awareness of the peripheral realities of the surroundings in order to create a more caring and participative society. Currently, we can offer you to contribute as a volunteer in assistance areas of childhood and woman, or with your time in the following areas:

  • Supporting research works
  • Translations
  • Revision of documents
  • Administrative tasks

Programms developed for young people:

La cuchara de oro

La cuchara de oro (The gold spoon), on the 2nd of April the award ceremony for this contest took place. The contest‘s motto is “Piensa, imagina y diviértete” (In English “Think, imagine and have fun”)andit has been organized during7 consecutive years by the youth association Alercetogether with the foundation. Every year, the contest brings together young cuisine experts and future “Master Chefs”. Hereyou can check the legal bases

Lidera tu futuro.

Lidera tu futuro (Lead your future). From January to March a training program was held for young people on their lasts years of university or doing a traineeship.The foundation together with some Youth Associations has designed this course to train in capacities focused on the job searching. With the name Lidera tu futuro (Lead your future)we wanted to encourage the participants to self-employment and the entrepreneurship. More than 30 youngsters participated.


Familia y desarrollo Sostenible

I Simposium Familia y desarrollo sostenible (Family and sustainable development)organized by WORLD YOUTH ALLIANCE-SPAIN together with Fundación Senara, it took place in the Universidad Villanueva university on the 1st March 2014. WYA-Spain, WORLD YOUTH ALLIANCE-SPAIN is a global Alliance of youngsters cooperating with international organisations, above all with United Nations and European Union, in order to build freesocieties through a culture of life.