About us

Fundación Senara

is a non-profit organization that was set up in 1997with the aim of supporting the rehabilitation works of Senara, a school in Moratalaz (Madrid, Spain).The school was compelled to do it in virtue of a new education law, atthat moment, regarding facilities of education centres.The school had been doing since 1964an important social work focused on empowering women and improving their professional options.Today, it receives an important private contribution from 750 donors that make possible for the foundation to work on different fields.


Fundación Senara is focused on the search of employment for people with few resources and especially for those who are at risk of social exclusion or who are disabled. For thesepurposes we contact social organizations and companies that demand their services achieving then their work-integration in society.We work with more than 50 social entities and 350 companies; they have been benefited from our agreements and have successfully fulfilled their expectations of covering the vacancies.In addition, in this line, we have created a household job bank, for job offers and applications in this field, with positive results recognised by users. Recently, we have started to work through agreements with European organizations in the field of young people employment focused in encouraging the employment among Spanish and European youngsters. In addition, the foundation is aimed to childhood and youth, with programs of school support,we manage cases of children coming from peripheral collectives. Volunteers from different institutions, universities and youth associations contribute to this Project. Family and women have a leading place in our projects;we have assisted more than 8,000 women.

Fundación Senara has an international scope, based in Spain with projects in Europe and Africa.



At the foundation we consider every person as unique.With permanent availability for assisting and looking for the best solution to the needs of families, children, women, youngsters or people looking for a job, helping with their basic needs. In addition, we focus on providing a better service to the organizations, companies and institutions we work with.


The work processes require a special attention to all the parties involved.The specialization, active listening and close human relations lead us to positive results.


The excellent performing of our daily tasks is what describes us.We are constantly looking for improvementregarding techniques and relationships.


We have a comprehensive approach of the projects and actions in order to interact with partners and contributorsas well as among the groups we work with. The multidisciplinary team of the foundation contributes to make the most of the synergiesarising from professionals and projects.