How to help if you are a company


  • More than 350 companies cooperate with Fundación Senara in order to contribute to the integration of people at risk of social exclusion. The technicians of the foundation look for the best profile to cover the job vacancies required. 

Your organization may also help!

  • Different companies help in particular activities and projects through funding or providing services, other companies provide consumption materials useful for the projects.
  • The CSR programmes of the companies have made easier to provide volunteers to social programmes.At Fundación Senara the corporate volunteers support projects of Childhood and family, as well as training and employment projects.





How to help if you are a private individual


Become a volunteer

We want to raise awareness of the peripheral realities of the surroundings in order to create a more caring and participative society. Currently, we can offer you to contribute as a volunteer in assistance areas of childhood and woman,or with your time in the following areas:

  • Supporting research works
  • Translations
  • Revision of documents
  • Administrative tasks

Become a Communicator

Spreading the work of the foundation in their programmes for childhood, youth and women / family. You can help us also by giving to know the job bank both for people searching for work and for companies that need to cover a vacancy.

Make a donation

Banco Popular –Account No.: 0075 0240 15 0600419654. All the economic donations are tax-deductible expenses.

Tax exemption

By collaborating with Fundación Senara you are not only empowering social change and generating a true impact with the projects we are developing but also you obtain several benefits such as 25% tax exemption deductible from the your personal income task (35% in case of companies).

The Spanish Law 49/2002 of 23 December, on the tax regime of non-profit organisations and of tax incentives for patronage.

Article19. Deduction of fee of the Personal Income Tax.

1. Taxpayers will have the right to deduce 25 % full fee of the deduction base determined by Article 18. 2. The base of this deduction shall be calculated to the effect of the limit foreseen under article 56, section 1 of this law.